We have developed 50 proprietary connectors (and counting) that connect directly to any source of data across your entire organization, and bring it into one intuitive platform. That way you can finally make sense of the information you need from all the disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases, and applications you use to do your job. We connect to these data connectors in a secure fashion to keep your data private. 

Internal Data Source:  Enterprise Data Connectors (EDC). We provide an on-premises secure and offline data connectors that facilitates any IT team or Business unit to acquire data from their databases. Current, you can download our EDC from our main Signals Portal. We currently support MySQL connections with full fledge SQL-langauge editor. We are releasing additional EDC connectors in Q1 2017, including Oracle DB, Hadoop, SAP and etc.

Ad-hoc Data Source: We provide flexible data submission via CSV and Excel files. You can simply use our CSV/Excel Data Connectors when you logged into the system and upload your files for analysis. CSV is currently limited at 2Gb for enterprise clients, while Excel is limited at 100Mb.  We are releasing additional JSON connectors in Q1 2017.

3rd Party Data Source : We have over 50 proprietary 3rd Party Data Connectors that will help securely analyze your data from portals like Zendesk, Salesforce , User Voice, Survey Monkey(Survey), CFPB (Financial), Indeed (HR) and etc. We are adding more and more data connectors whenever they are ready. More detailed list of our Data Connectors is here. If you have additional requests on a Data Connector, feel free to reach out at clientsupport@stratifyd.com.

Here is a sample view of our data connectors in the Signals platform: