There are two set of access levels within Signals platform: Individual Access Levels and Group Access Levels.


o (Level 1) Can View: It’s like read-only in Microsoft word. User cannot modify the shared Dashboard at all. However, they can view and interact with the Dashboard.

o (Level 2) Can Edit: User can modify the Dashboard layout or the analysis results in the Dashboard (e.g. reprocessing, applying a taxonomy, customizing sentiment, etc.). Changes will update to all the users who have the access to this Dashboard.

o (Level 3) Can Share: In addition to the write ability to the Dashboard, users will have the privileges including sharing the dashboard and exporting data documents. 

o (Level 4) Owner: If you are the submitter, you are the owner of a Dashboard. If you share your owner access to other users, they can manage any user from level 1 to level 3. 



o (Level 1) Can View: same as Individual Level 1

o (Level 2) Can Edit: same as Individual Level 2

o (Level 3) Admin: with all the above access rights plus, Admin can manage Level 1 and 2 users in this group. He or she can add users to this group and assign Can View (Level 1) and Can Edit (Level 2) access levels to group members. 

o (Level 4) Group Admin: can manage all the members in this group, including upgrade or downgrade users from/to the above 3 levels.