Analyzing data in Salesforce on Signals™

Signals™ automatically pulls reports from a Salesforce account and analyze various data points in reports. Connect to your data in a salesforce account requires 2 simple steps:

1) have existing reports or create new ones to include all the data fields to be analyzed.   

2) connect to the account via the salesforce connector on Signals™. 

Step 1: Create a report in your Salesforce account

Go to Reports to view your existing reports or create a new one.


Click on New Report.

Drag and drop the fields you want to include as columns in the report from the left panel. In Step 2, Signals will automatically analyze all the fields selected in this step. 

Once you have all the fields that you want to analyze and visualize in the report, click on “Save Report”. 

Your saved report will be automatically detected on the Signals platform in Step 2. 

Step 2: Signals Salesforce Connector 

You can access the data connectors in your main portal by clicking Add a New Analytics Dashboard under Recent Dashboards. 

Click on Connect with Salesforce to log in with your credentials. 

*Note: in some cases, check the pop-up window in your browser and unblock it.

Once Signals™ has connected to your Salesforce account, it looks for all the reports found in the account. Select the one you would like to analyze. Map temporal, geographical and textual fields from the left blue column to the yellow one on the right. 

Lastly, name your data file and create a new dashboard.