Buzzword is comprised of bi-grams (e.g. two-word phrases) that are identified as statistically relevant. (More to read on How are Buzzwords generated?)

How to read the buzzword graph.

  • Font size: the bigger the buzzword is, the more significant it appears in the text. 
  • Color: the colors indicate the sentiment of buzzwords. The sentiment score of a buzzword is calculated by aggregating overall sentiment scores of the documents that contain this particular buzzword. For example, if "customer service" is red, the overall aggregated sentiment score of the documents that contain "customer service" is negative. Blue- positive, grey - neutral, red - negative.
  • Details: hover over a buzzword to see the most relevant document for this buzzword.
  • Visual: buzzwords can be visualized in both Word Cloud view and List View (below).  Click on "edit"  BsElfZUn0cfgm8fzYIH2gAIS0d2o8ezHpw.png  to switch between views. 


You can "Sort by number of of mentions" in the List view

  • Count: the occurrences of the buzzword
  • Sentiment: represents the aggregated sentiment score on the buzzword
  • Sparkline: shows the volume and sentiment of the buzzword overtime