Signals can be used to analyze any type of data; structured or unstructured.

However, there are 4 types of data that Signals treats differently to give users more information. Those data types are:

  1. Textual - e.g. product review, customer feedback, news article text, etc.
  2. Temporal - a date, time, timestamp etc.
  3. Geographical - location, lat/lon, ip address, etc.
  4. Contributor - a 1:1 identifier for the creator of the textual data e.g. name, email, GUID, etc.

Data mapping occurs when a new data source is introduced to the platform. CSV, Excel files, Enterprise Data Connectors and certain 3rd Party Data Connectors require this before analysis.

On the left side of the Map Fields menu, you’ll see every field from your data source. Click on the + icon to identify any of the 4 data types mentioned earlier.