1. What security measures are there to protect data?

Client data is isolated behind logical partitions as part of a multi-tenant configuration within our cloud environment. Our webservers also operate using a "stateless" configuration, which, combined with our logical partitions, prohibit data leakage between clients despite shared use of a common computing environment. Within a client's partition, data is shared between users by means of a fine-grained proprietary access control scheme that prevents access by default; ensuring that access to data must be manually permitted before it is made accessible to any party.

2. What does the SSL security layer in the Enterprise Data Connector application do?

SSL/TLS is an industry standard used to ensure the security of data in transit. Within our Enterprise Data Connector, this added security ensures that data transmitted with the tool cannot be intercepted by a malicious third-party while en-route to the Stratifyd platform.

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