Note: This article contains references to a previous version of the Stratifyd interface.

Dashboard Navigation

We've changed some of the ways you interact with dashboards to create a cleaner look and feel.

One of the most notable changes is that the global navigation bar will always be available for faster navigation

Aggregation engine upgrade

Interactivity within dashboards is key to surfacing insights more quickly. Every filter and drill down performs many aggregations in real time. In order to improve responsiveness when interacting with dashboards, we have introduced a brand new aggregation engine so that you can keep getting answers from your data as fast as you can think of the next question. This upgrade also paves the way for more advanced data manipulation features.

Taxonomy revamp

We have improved our taxonomy editor to make managing and maintaining taxonomies easier. Most notably we have added drag and drop functionality to taxonomy labels as well as the capability to merge labels from one taxonomy into another within one screen.

Taxonomy Editor

Taxonomy Syntax

We improved the performance of the taxonomy engine that applies your logic for faster analysis, plus we added support for mixing existing syntax and added a new type of syntax:

  1. Proximity Rules with Wildcard Rules e.g. cust*~2~serv*

  2. Boolean with Proximity and Wildcard e.g. (cust*~2~serv* | serv*~2~cust*)

  3. (New) Exact Match - use double quotes to build rules with reserved characters e.g. "fitting?" will match exactly the string fitting?

New visualizations and new visualization features

Taxonomy Circle Pack View

The new Taxonomy Circle Pack View visualization allows you to display taxonomy hierarchies in nested circles instead of the traditional tree or folder view. See our Knowledge Base for more information on the Taxonomy Circle Pack View.


The new HeatMap visualization lets you show your data in a matrix using colored cells to highlight high or low concentrations of data. See our Knowledge Base for more information on the Heatmap.

In case you missed it in our last release, the Map visualization also has a heatmap setting, as well as a number of Map GL styles.

Circular Bar Plot

The new Circular Bar Plot visualization allows you to display bar chart information in less space and in a more visually appealing manner. It wraps a bar chart around a circle so that the bars splay out radially. See our Knowledge Base for more information on the Circular Bar Plot.

New Visualization Features

The Multi Line visualization has several new features:

  • Select Show Rank to create a bump chart.

  • Select Show BarLine to render the first dimension as bars and the second as a line.

  • When you add a third dimension, a second Y axis is automatically added.

The Horizontal Bar Chart visualization has been completely rewritten, and the Parallel Sets visualization now has a Horizontal View option.

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