The Power BI export is available upon request. Due to limitations imposed by the Power BI REST API, notably the 4,000 characters per record maximum, exporting long documents to Power BI is not possible.

1. Open a dashboard that contains the data that you want to export.

2. Click the Data tab.

3. Click the Export button, and select PowerBI option on the export window that appears.

4. In the Export Data dialog that appears, click Get your access token. 

5. On the Push Datasets page that opens in a new browser tab, click Try it.

6. In the Sign in panel that appears to the right, click Sign in. 

7. In the REST API Try It panel on the right, scroll to the bottom, and under Request Preview, copy the string to the right of Authorization: (including Bearer).

8. Back on the Stratifyd browser tab, in the Access Token box, paste the authorization string and click Export.

9. Once the records have finished uploading, click Go back to your Power BI.

10. In the Power BI workspace that opens in a new browser window, in the navigation panel to the left, expand My Workspace to see your new dataset.

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