The Dashboards page

The Dashboards page allows you to manage all of your existing dashboards, and to create new dashboards. See Creating a dashboard to get started.

Click a dashboard tile to open it. The vertical ellipsis button at the top right corner of each dashboard tile allows you to view the properties of each dashboard or delete it from your view. If you are the owner of the dashboard, you can also share it with other team members or delete it permanently.


When you click Properties on a dashboard tile, you can view its details, and set any of the properties detailed in the table below.

  • Name: This is the name of the dashboard that appears as the title on the dashboard tile and on the main tab of the dashboard. This is also the field on which you can search for a dashboard.
  • Tags: Any tags you add appear on the tile below the title, and are added as dashboard categories. For example, if you add a Mobile tag to all of your mobile-friendly dashboards, you can search for all such dashboards by entering Mobile in the Categories field in the search box.
  • Dashboard Image: The image that you upload or select from our library appears on the dashboard tile. Use logos to make a dashboard instantly recognizable.
  • Theme: The default theme is Light, or you can select the Dark theme.
  • Type: This allows you to create a template from a well-developed dashboard. Change this value from Default to Template, and the dashboard becomes available for you and other team members to use as a template for new dashboards.
  • Description: The description allows you to add notes about the dashboard that appear in the dashboard properties.

Details that you can view include:

  • creator and creation date
  • last modified date and who modified it
  • your access level to the dashboard
  • all team members with whom the dashboard is shared
  • the number of data streams in the dashboard
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