To create a new dashboard

1. From the Home page, on the Dashboards tab, click the New Dashboard button. Keep an eye out for the blue plus sign on other pages. This indicates that you can create new content from that space.

2. In the New Dashboard dialog, provide a Name for the dashboard.

3. In the Select a Data settings panel that appears, you can Connect To Your Data by selecting an existing data stream or creating a new data steam through a connector. Here we create a new data stream.

4. There are many options under All Data Connectors including upload a file, here we select the Amazon Reviews data connector.

5. In the Data Connector Settings wizard that appears, supply the following information.

Specify the URL of the reviews page for the item and click Next. (To specify any additional Amazon review URLs, click Add new search.) Set your comment limit and name your data stream.

On the Schedule page of the wizard, you can specify a date range, or set up as a recurring stream, then click Submit. 

You return to the Data Settings panel and can see your new data stream on the left column under connect.

6. In the middle column, Analyze, click to deploy new under Stratifyd Models.

In the next box that appears select the data stream you just connected, next select the model you want to deploy (you can read more about each model in the Analyze Your Data collection), select the appropriate fields (such as text) then click start Analysis.

You return to the Data Settings panel and can see this analysis under deployed models in the analyze column.

7. Based on the analysis you have run, available insight will populate in the right Discover column. Click Add and those widgets will populate in your dashboard.

8. Click save and the data settings panel will close and your dashboard will open with the insights you selected to show. If you analysis is still processing, these widgets will temporarily appear blank.

Share your results

Now that your dashboard is finished, you can share it with team members. 

1. From within the dashboard, in the top left corner, click the share button.

2. In the Manage Members dialog that appears, search for a user or group with whom to share.

3. By default, the new user or group has Can View permissions. Optionally click to give them more permissions.

Select from these options:

  • Can Edit allows the user or group to modify the dashboard.
  • Can Share allows the user or group to modify and share the dashboard.
  • Owner allows the user or group to modify, share, and remove access from other users.

4. When you are finished, click Submit.

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