The person creating the group is automatically added as the group administrator.

To create a group

1. From the Home page, click on My Account, then groups. In the Groups panel, click the New Group button.

2. In the New User Group dialog that appears, enter a name for the group.

3. In the Members box, type the name of a member to find and select the name from the auto-fill list that appears. 

4. The name is added to the members list with the default Can View permissions. Click Can View to change permissions to any of the following values. 

  • Can Edit: The user can modify the contents of the shared item.
  • Can Invite: The user can modify and share the item, and manage low rank users.
  • Admin: The user can modify, share, and delete the item, and manage all users.

5. Continue adding members until your group is complete, then click Save. A tile for the group is added to the Groups page, and the group is listed as an option in any share dialogs.

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