You can use the Excel File uploader on the Data Streams page as we do here, or directly in a dashboard. This connector can take any valid Excel file with the file extension XLSX.

To upload an Excel file

1. From the Home page, in the navigation panel to the left, select Data Streams.

2. On the Data Streams page, in the top right corner, click the New Data button to create a data stream.

3. In the New Data dialog that appears, under Upload File, select Excel File.

4. In the Connect to the Data Stream dialog that appears, provide a name for the data stream. 

5. Click Upload File to navigate to your Excel file, or drag and drop it into the box and click Submit.

6. The file appears on the Data Streams page with a status like "1 file(s) in ingestion" until ingestion is complete.

7. Once ingestion is complete, the status reports the number of files and records ingested.

On the Data Streams page, you can click the tile for the data stream to view the data as well as the history and any models and dashboards using the stream.

To add more records

As more data becomes available, you can upload more Excel files to your stream.

If your subsequent files do not have the same column headings as the first one, any new column headings are inserted into the table.

1. On the Data Streams page, click the tile of the Excel data stream to which you want to upload more files.

2. On the details page for the data stream, near the bottom left, click Upload File.

3. In the Open file dialog that appears, navigate to the Excel file you want to add, select it, and click Open.

4. The status updates to reflect when the file is ingested and is added to the History panel.

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