Stratifyd API

Use the Stratifyd API to upload files larger than 500 MB.

You can also use the API to develop custom connections and schedule uploads.

Only authenticated users can generate API keys. All API keys are tied exclusively to a single user account.

To generate an API key

1. On the Stratifyd homepage, in the bottom left corner, select Account Info then select API.

2. In the Settings dialog that appears, select the API Key tab and click Create API Key.

3. The API key appears in a textbox in JSON format that you can include in your application. Note that the key expires after one month.

4. Click Download API key to download the apikey.json file.

Once the API key is generated, you can download it from the Settings dialog any time you need it.

5. To invalidate the API key and prevent further use, click the Revoke button.

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