The Taxonomy Editor allows you to create and edit hierarchical label trees into which to funnel your data.

To access the Taxonomy Editor from the home page, in the navigation panel to the left, click Models, select Taxonomies and then click New Taxonomy; or click an existing Taxonomy to edit it.

At the top left corner of the Taxonomy Editor, this menu offers the following options.

  • Rename - Select this option to rename the taxonomy.
  • Save as - Select this option to save a copy the taxonomy with a new name.

The toolbar also includes these options.

  • Undo - Allows you to undo any actions you have performed in the editor back to the last time you saved the taxonomy.
  • Redo - Allows you to redo any actions you have undone.
  • Merge - Select this option to open a second taxonomy from which you can drag and drop labels (complete with sub-labels and logic blocks) into the current taxonomy. See Merging labels for details.
  • History - Select this option to view or compare specific versions of the taxonomy.
  • Debug - Use this to test your taxonomy.
  • Share - Select this option to share the taxonomy with team members or groups of team members. See Sharing taxonomies for details.
  • Export - Select this option to export the taxonomy to a JSON file.
  • Save - Saves the taxonomy to the server.
  • Close - Closes the Taxonomy Editor. Any unsaved changes remain local until you save them to the server.

Debug menu

The Debug menu allows you to test your taxonomy as you create it. This menu offers the following options. See Debugging for details.

  • Run - Select this option to select a data stream, map a text field to analyze, and run a taxonomy test against it to view matches found in a subset of the data stream.
  • Run single tests - Select this option to find a specific word or phrase within the taxonomy.

Current label

This menu allows you to rename or delete the currently selected label. The tabs apply to the current label.


Each label can have multiple tabs of logic blocks. Additional tabs are joined using an AND connection.

Labels panel

In the labels panel to the left, there is a tree containing all of the labels in your taxonomy hierarchy. Right-click any label to add a new label under it, copy the label, or delete the label. (You cannot delete the top-level label.) You can drag and drop labels into new positions within the hierarchy.

You can collapse labels that you are not using to simplify your view.  

Each label has the following components.

  • Current label - a menu with options to rename or delete the label
  • Logic block - a list of words to match (or not match) along with the scope to which it applies; a label can have any number of logic blocks
  • Tabs - containers of logic blocks that combine using logical OR relationships when you have different vocabularies for capturing documents into the same label

Logic blocks

Logic blocks are lists of words used to funnel your data into the correct labels. A label can have any number of logic blocks in any number of tabs. See Creating a logic block for more information.

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