1. From the Home page, in the navigation pane to the left, click Models.

2. Select Taxonomies within Models, click New Taxonomy button.

3. In the Create a new taxonomy dialog that appears, provide a name that will help to identify it and click Create. 

4. In the taxonomy workspace that appears, in the classification label tree pane on the left, click add new label. 

5. Enter a name for the label and click Add. 

The label appears as a branch of the taxonomy name in the label tree pane. 

6. Click the label name to create its logic block, also known as a controlled vocabulary, or list of matching rules. For more details, see Creating a logic block.

7. To add a second branch at the same level as the first, click add a new label without expanding the new label. 

8. To add a nested branch under a label, click the arrow to expand the label and click add a new label inside that branch. 

You can nest as many levels and as many labels as you need to categorize in your taxonomy. 

9. Continue adding labels and a controlled vocabulary for each to define your taxonomy. When you are finished, click Save.

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