You can drag and drop labels from other taxonomies to save time in the Taxonomy Editor. 

1. In the Taxonomy Editor, from the main menu, select Merge.

2. In the Pick a taxonomy dialog that appears, search for and click the tile of the taxonomy from which you want to copy labels.

3. The selected taxonomy appears to the right of the current taxonomy. Drag a label from the taxonomy on the right and drop it on the label node on the left to copy the label and any sub-labels and their respective logic blocks to your taxonomy. Repeat for additional labels.

Dragging and dropping copies and pastes the label along with all of its children.If you want to copy only the label and its logic blocks, and not any of its children, press the Shift key while dragging the label. (Press Shift after you begin dragging but before you drop the label onto its new parent label.)

4. Notice that a number appears to the right of the copied original label, and the new labels are rendered in green text and the letter N for new appears to the right. When you have finished, click End Merge Mode to close the second taxonomy.

5. Near the top left corner of the Taxonomy Editor, click the yellow Save button to save your changes.

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