If your taxonomy has a large number of items that are not labeled, you can add labels on the fly from your dashboard.

To add the labels

1. Open a dashboard that uses the taxonomy to which you want to add missing terms.

2. In your taxonomy widget, click the Not Labeled node to show only unlabeled data.

A Not Labeled filter appears in the filter menu under the data detail to which it applies. You can click it for details and then open the filters dialog or delete the filter. 

Your Cloud or List visualization now shows only n-grams for records that have no labels.

3. On the right navigation menu, click Taxonomy and select the deployed taxonomy for your dashboard.

4. Your taxonomy appears to the right of your dashboard so that you can add labels based on the unlabeled buzzwords.

5. Click and drag the topic you want to add to your taxonomy and drop it to the logic block you want to add it to.

6. You can continue to drill down within the word cloud and find ways to further classify your taxonomy labels by clicking topics to apply filters. You can mouse over a buzzword to see how many records it appears in and a sample verbatim that includes it.

7. Create additional taxonomy labels and logic as needed, and when you are finished, click Save.

8. In the dialog that appears, click Reprocess next to each deployed model to which you want to apply the taxonomy changes.

A green check mark appears to let you know that the model is submitted for reprocessing. (A message box at the top right of the window informs you when it is complete.)

9. Click the X at the top right corner of the Taxonomy Editor to close it.

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