To share a taxonomy

1. On the Home page, click models on the left side navigation and then select Taxonomy. 

2. On the Taxonomies page, find the tile for the taxonomy that you want to share. In the top right corner of the tile, click the vertical ellipsis button and then select Share.

3. In the Manage Members dialog that appears, search for a team member or group with whom to share.
You can make user groups to quickly share with team members with whom you often share data. See Create member groups for more information.

4. Click the box to the right of the member or group to select a permission level. You can select from the following permission levels:

  • Can View: The user can only view or use the taxonomy to analyze a data stream.
  • Can Edit: The user can modify the taxonomy.
  • Can Share: The user can modify and share the taxonomy, and manage low rank users.
  • Owner: The user can modify, share, and delete the taxonomy, and manage all users.

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