When another user makes changes to a taxonomy while you are editing it (or when you have a local copy of the taxonomy saved on your browser), any taxonomy labels with conflicting changes are highlighted in yellow, and the following buttons appear in the toolbar.

  • Mark as merged: Saves all local changes, overwriting what is on the server.
  • Discard Change: Discards all local changes and accepts what is on the server.

The navigation panel on the left allows you to expand nodes that have conflicts, highlighted in yellow, allowing you to manually merge the conflicting changes and save it, or to discard your local changes in favor of the server version.

If you click the Mark as merged button before manually merging the versions, the changes to the server version are lost.

Once you expand a node and select the label with changes, the Current Editing Copy panel shows your local unsaved changes. The History Version N panel shows the version that is currently saved on the server. 

The labels that are highlighted in yellow are the ones that someone else edited.

Check the highlighted labels to see what changed and modify them as necessary in the Current Editing Copy on the left, then click Mark as Merged to save your local manually merged changes.

Before you click one of the buttons at the top, you have to go through each change:

• unsaved changed labels have font color changed to orange-brown, and are highlighted yellow (bug makes other items highlight yellow, but without the orange-brown font)
• new labels that you've added but haven't saved have the orange-brown font and cyan highlight
• new labels that were added and saved by someone else while you were editing are highlighted red

Then you have three choices:

• If you want to add the other person's saved changes to your local ones, copy them from "History Version N" and paste them into "Current Editing Copy," then click "Mark as merged." (Otherwise, the other person's saved changes are overwritten.)
• If you only want to save some of your changes, in the "Current Editing Copy" pane, delete any of the ones you don't want to save, then click "Mark as merged."
• If you want to save all of the other person's changes and discard your own changes, click "Discard Change."

The labels that are above a nested label with changes are also highlighted yellow and the font is orange-brown (that one makes sense, so you don't miss one in a collapsed label)

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