When setting up a data connector, you can opt to change the data stream from the default one-time data query to a recurring one to keep your data fresh. When your data is automatically refreshed, any connected data models apply their predictions to the new data.

Note that this differs from the scheduled retraining of data models. See Schedule retraining for more information on that concept.

To set up a schedule

  1. When setting up a new data connector, on the second page of the Connector Settings wizard, you can set the schedule for your query.
  2. By default, the Type is set to One Time. With this type of query, you select a date range on which to run the query.

Please note that the oldest date that you can use in the Date range starts field is one year prior to today's date.

3. Select Recurring to specify how often you want to run the query. 

With this type of query, you select a starting date, and then specify the frequency as days, weekdays, weeks, months, or years.

For example, with the default value of 1 Day, the query runs once per day. A frequency value of 5 and Year runs five times per day.

4. Click Submit. Note that the query may take some time to finish running.

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