Data connector details

  • Category: Social Media
  • Connector type: Standard


Use the Facebook Reviews connector to retrieve and analyze customer comments posted on

This connector also works on other countries' versions of Facebook, such as

Data limitations

Facebook does not impose limitations on the amount of data that you can pull, but for organizations with a very large number of comments you may want to limit it yourself by narrowing the date range.

If you have issues with no data, try widening your date range on the second page of the wizard.

Input fields

When setting up the connector, provide the URL of the organization or organizations for which you want to analyze customer posts.

  • Facebook Posts URL: On the Facebook web site, navigate to the organization’s page and from the address bar, copy the URL, then paste it into this field.
  • Add new search: To analyze multiple organizations, click this as many times as needed to add more URLs.
  • Upload: Click to upload a file containing a list of organization page URLs. Takes a TXT file with one URL per line.
    (CSV is also acceptable, but it must have one URL per line.)

You can change your date range on the second page of the wizard, or optionally Schedule data crawls to update your data stream periodically.

Data dictionary

This connector returns the following fields that you can use in analysis.


  • Description: Free-form text of the post.
  • Category: text index
  • Example: I use this Vitamin C daily, can’t live without it.


  • Description: Date and time on which the post was crawled.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 1575469644000


  • Description: Data source of the post.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: Facebook


  • Description: Date and time on which the post was created.
  • Category: date index
  • Example: 1574964474000


  • Description: Number of people who liked the post.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 0


  • Description: Unique identifier of the post the comment addresses.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: ZmVlZGJhY2s6MTAxNTc3MjAzNzI0MDY2MjQ=


  • Description: List of URLs for any images attached to the post.
  • Category: meta


  • Description: Value indicating whether the post is from a customer (as opposed to a post initiated by the organization itself).
  • Category: meta
  • Example: TRUE


  • Description: Facebook ID of the poster.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 618945024964606


  • Description: Poster’s name.
  • Category: user index
  • Example: Avon By Rosie



  • Description: Adds all output fields to a list visualization.

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