Data connector details

  • Category: Mobile App Reviews
  • Connector type: Cached


As the principal site where Android users leave reviews about mobile apps that they use, the Google Play Store is a good source of textual customer feedback about mobile apps. Such reviews are becoming the predominant way that customers interact with brands that have service, eCommerce platform, or other types of applications. This feedback is especially important to:

  • businesses where there is competition around ease of doing business (like credit card companies or banks),
  • app-based businesses where the app is the primary user experience.

Use the Google Play App Review connector to retrieve and analyze reviews of Google Play Store applications.

Data limitations

This data connector supports Google Play in the US and China.

The Google Play Store does not impose limitations on the amount of data that you can pull, but for very popular applications you may want to limit it yourself using the Comment Limit option or by narrowing the date range.

If you have issues with no data, try widening your date range on the second page of the wizard.

Input fields

When setting up the connector, you can filter your results by app, country, and date.

  • Search for your Google Play App: Type the name or ID of the app you want to analyze, and then select it when it appears in the list of suggestions.
    Note: To search for the ID, preface it the with id:. For example:
  • Select Your Country: Select your country from the drop-down list. Available countries update based on the selected app. You may choose multiple countries if applicable.
    Currently, countries are limited to China and US.
  • Comment Limit: Specify a limit on the number of reviews to return. You can also control this with data range and recurrence settings.

You can change your date range on the second page of the wizard, or optionally Schedule data crawls to update your data stream periodically.

Data dictionary

This connector returns the following fields that you can use in analysis. 


  • Description: Name of the company that created the app.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: Sonos, Inc.



  • Description: The locale of the reviewer's installed app.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: en_US


  • Description: Full name of the application, can be different for different locales.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: Sonos Controller for Android


  • Description: Package name of the app.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: com.sonos.acr


  • Description: Globally unique identifier of the cache.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 45b49c30a315c69e2a564990221f450b


  • Description: Free-form text of the review.
  • Category: primary text index
  • Example: Have been a client for several years. I like it a lot.


  • Description: Source of the crawler.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: rt


  • Description: Date and time when the data was retrieved in numeric format.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 1563340917


  • Description: Rating value left by the reviewer on a scale of one to five.
  • Category: KPI
  • Example: 4


  • Description: Free-form text of any reply to the review from the app creator.
  • Category: text index
  • Example: We are glad to hear that you like our app.


  • Description: Date and time when the reply was written in numeric format.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 1566498326


  • Description: Date and time when the review was saved in numeric format.
  • Category: meta
  • Example: 1554983268


  • Description: Date and time when the review was written in numeric format.
  • Category: date index
  • Example: 1548035052


  • Description: User generated field where the user can write a title for their review.
  • Category: text index
  • Example: New version doesn't work on Note 3



  • Description: Name of the reviewer.
  • Category: user index
  • Example: A. Spehr


  • Description: Returns all of the data collected by the connector.

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