The Topic Wheel visualization helps you to see a topic wheel with buzzwords and sentiment values and occurrence count, and if you map a date value when you create the Unsupervised NLU model, you can even view a sparkline to see how it changes over time. 

Once you have this widget in place, you can use it to Model Feedback Loop.


Before we begin, you need to have the following elements in place. Articles on how to create those elements are linked in line.

  • A data stream
  • A dashboard
  • An Unsupervised NLU model

To create the widget

  • Open your dashboard that has the Unsupervised NLU model and click the plus sign at the top of the right side navigation to add a widget.
  • In the Widget Editor that appears, in the fields panel to the left, locate the Unsupervised NLU model and click the topics field.

The Pie visualization is selected by default, but the bi-grams list and sentiment does not appear.

To show the bi-grams list, in the settings panel to the right, under Options, drop down the Key N-Grams selector and choose List.Note that although the Sparkline appears in the Widget Editor view of the visualization, if you did not map a date field when you set up your Unsupervised NLU model, it does not appear in the dashboard after you save the widget.

The widget appears with a buzzword list to the right. Click Save to return to your dashboard.

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