You can export a widget from your dashboard into several formats.

  • Excel exports your widget into an XLS file.
  • CSV exports your widget into a comma separated values, or CSV file.
  • JSONL exports your widget into a JSON Lines, or JSONL file.
  • Graph exports your widget into a PNG image file or to an HTML file.

To export a widget

  • On your dashboard, mouse over the widget you want to export, and click the hamburger menu that appears at the top right corner.
  • Select the Export option.
  • In the Export As dialog that appears, select the type of export best suited to your widget.
  • In the dialog that appears, enter a Name for the export.
  • The Graph export also offers the following settings.
  • Size: Optionally change the size of the image.The first number sets the width of the image in pixels. Setting it to a smaller number crops the image from the left.The second number sets the height of the image in pixels. Setting it to a smaller number crops the image from the top and bottom.
  • Export As: Select whether to export the widget as a PNG image (default) or as an HTML file.
  • Click Download (or OK for other exports) and select a location in which to save the file.

To export text content with sentiment scores

  • Within a dashboard, click the plus sign at the top of the right side navigation to add a widget.
  • In the Widget Editor that appears, in the data fields panel to the left, under the Unsupervised NLU model (or Sentiment Analysis) for the data stream containing the text content that you want to export, select the sentiment.overall field.
  • In the data fields panel, scroll down to the Original Fields section and select the text content field.You can drag the fields in the Data Dimensions tray to change the order.
  • Near the top right corner of the Widget Editor, click Save.
  • Export the widget.

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