You can share your dashboards outside of the Stratifyd platform using the PDF export. Share any or all of your dashboard tabs.

If you want to export the Data tab, see Export Data.

  • Open the dashboard that you want to export, and in the top left corner, click the three dots located to the right of the name of the dashboard.
  • In the dashboard menu, select Export, then PDF.If you do not see the Export menu item, you do not have Share access to the dashboard. In this case, you must request Share access to the dashboard from the dashboard owner. To find the owner, see Finding dashboard info.
  • In the Export dialog that appears, select the checkbox next to any tab that you want to export (by default, only the current tab is selected), and then click Export PDF.A Generating PDF message appears with the Stratifyd logo spinner. This may take some time, depending on the complexity of your dashboard and the number of tabs you are exporting.
  • In the Save As dialog that appears, navigate to a location in which to save the file and click Save.If the Save As dialog does not appear, click the Download button in the Export dialog.
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