Call centers around the world are logging high volumes of hours talking to customers each day, and with that much talk time it is impossible to manually monitor what is actually happening on those calls or to understand how to improve the experience. With Stratifyd’s Speech Analytics solution you can easily and quickly discover meaningful insight about every single customer interaction which frees organizations from the restrictions of learning by only manual sampling of small call volume. Using Speech Analytics you can analyze all of your calls as a whole or drill down to specific segments to discover what your most successful agents are doing differently, identify opportunities to improve agent performance or drive increased overall customer satisfaction.

Stratifyd’s Speech Analytics solution is quick and powerful, taking only a few steps to connect your call recording source into the Speech Engine which delivers your data into the Stratifyd Augmented Intelligence platform. Once in the platform you can uncover the hidden insights in your voice data or combine your voice data along with survey and chat for a full CX monitoring analytics environment.

How Does it Work?

  1. Connect Your Data - Once your audio file source is connected to the Stratifyd platform, the data is ready for transcription which results in textual data. Our technology detects language and is able to interpret any dialect, giving you highly accurate results regardless of the location of your agents or customers.
  2. Redaction - If your audio transcriptions contain sensitive personal identifiable information (PII), you can use our redaction engine as an optional step that can extract any PII from your transcriptions before the analysis begins.
  3. Analysis - The transcription is then deployed through our speech engine where machines recognize nuance of each conversation, including identifying the speaker and analyzes multiple performance indicators such as sentiment, speaker energy, silent, over talk and more which uncover depth of emotion or interaction inside of the conversations.
  4. Discovery - Once the speech engine has completed the analysis you can begin visualizing all of these insights using either a specific use case in a dashboard template or by building out your own use case from scratch – the options are limitless.

Technical Expectations

When using the Speech Analytics solution there are technical specifications that you will need to keep in mind.

  • Language Support - the Stratifyd Speech Analysis solution supports all languages and various linguistic dialects. You will experience the highest accuracy in English and Chinese languages.
  • Call Volume Processing - the platform currently supports processing up to 7 hours of analysis every hour. This volume may vary and is subject to change based on file types, compression, codec, etc.

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