Task Management is the newest feature to arrive on the Stratifyd platform, designed to make your workflow seamless across teams, allowing for multiple users to conveniently create, share, update, and track projects from inception to completion with full transparency.

These tasks can be added from the Task Management page or directly from a dashboard. Each task has the ability to be assigned to a team member, categorized and priority level set and these settings can be used to filter the task view on the Task Management page.

When to Use Task Management

Task Management is a great tool for sharing insights with other teams that may need to look deeper into an issue. For example, if you notice a dip in your Net Promoter Score, task management is a great way to alert the NPS team to this change and then stay informed on their progress of looking into the issue at hand.

Task Management can also be a great place to track documentation updates needed. For example, if you identify a call center agent who wasn't able to answer a question, you can use task management to track having documentation added to your knowledge base to support agents with answers in the future.

Creating a new Task from the Task Management tab

Navigate to the Take Management page and click new task the dialog box that pops up with the following to create your task.

Summary: This shows as the title of the task tile.

Assignee: Who is responsible for this task, or for the next step of this task.

Reporter: The Person creating the task

Status: Defaults to Open but can later be changed to assigned, action in progress, monitor, resolved or no more action.

Categories: You can create categories within your organization to track similar tasks.

Description: You can enter any relevant details to this task.

Attachment: You can link this task to a relevant dashboard, taxonomy or file upload.

Create or Manage a Task from a Dashboard

In a dashboard select the Task Management feature on the right side navigation. From here you can add a new task or tasks that are associated with this dashboard.

Additionally, when you open single record in a NLU verbatim tile visualization, you have the option to create a new tracking ticket or add to an existing tracking ticket.

Managing Tasks

Within a task on your task manager, click on a task tile to open the detail view. Within the detail view you can edit the task, or add to it in the form of categories, additional description, change the assignee, priority level, add attachments and leave comments.

Additionally, Dependencies can be linked in the form of parent tasks or sub-tasks by clicking choose a task under either option and selecting from the pop up-menu of tasks.

You can filter tasks across the top menu by reporter, assignee, category, dashboard, status, or priority level. You can also sort the Open, In Progress, and Closed tasks in order of last modification, created date or priority level. Or you can click the cloud button above a column to export the data.

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