This The Data Settings Panel guides you through all three sections: connect, analyze and discover, and also allows you to continue through each step without having to wait for each individual process to complete prior to starting the next step.

Connect: Allows you to quick-add data from a new or existing stream.

Analyze: Quick add Stratifyd models, Taxonomy models, or custom models. Stratifyd models have updated to include:

• Auto-Topic Prediction – formerly NLU

• Sentiment Prediction (NN based)

• Senitment Prediction (Lexicon based)

• Geographical Heat Analysis

• N-Gram Generator

• Language Detection

• User Analysis

Discover: Quick add from a list of available insights (widgets) which update based on models that have been setup. The selected available insights will automatically add widgets to your dashboard and populate with data when the analysis is complete.

You can still also add widgets outside of this settings panel through the “+” button on your dashboard.

To access the Data Settings Panel menu, click the Data settings panel button in the top right corner of your dashboard.

In the data settings panel that appears, you can Connect To Your Data by selecting an existing data stream or creating a new data steam through a connector in the first column.

In the middle column, Analyze, click to deploy new under Stratifyd Models.

In the next box that appears select the data stream you want to run the model on, next select the model you want to deploy (you can read more about each model in the Analyze Your Data collection), map the appropriate fields (such as text) then click start Analysis.

You return to the Data Settings panel and can see this analysis under deployed models in the analyze column.

Based on the analysis you have run, available insight will populate in the right Discover column. Click Add and those widgets will populate in your dashboard.

Click save and the data settings panel will close and your dashboard will open with the insights you selected to show. If you analysis is still processing, these widgets will temporarily appear blank.

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