Stratifyd’s Listen Action feature lets platform users set up notifications to alert them to changes in their data set that meet predetermined conditions. Listen Actions allow users to specify exactly what changes they’re interested in recognizing in their data set and then instructs the platform to notify them any time those conditions are met.


While the ability to set up notifications based on predetermined conditions or changes in a data set provides for easier analysis, there are several practices that we suggest in order to mitigate the effects of the feature’s limitations.

1. Don’t simply scan or browse Listen Action email notifications because they may contain more alerts than are immediately apparent. One single Listen Action email notification will be sent for all matches of a predetermined condition; users will not receive a new email for each new match (i.e. Listen Action emails are not a one-to-one, email-per-match relationship).


Let’s imagine I’ve set up two conditions that I want Stratifyd to notify me of any time they’re observed:

  • An average sentiment score increase by 0.1
  • An average NPS increase by 0.1

In the scenario described above, if both metrics increase by the specified amount, the platform will send me one single Listen Action email containing two alerts, not two emails.

2. Be specific in the alerts you set up to maximize their helpfulness (e.g. delta’s, increases, decreases, etc.).

3. Consider the underlying data stream when setting up alerts. In order to get the maximum value be sure to:

  • Base alerts on when actions take place (e.g. alerts for compliance breach, alerts when sentiment score changes, etc.).
  • Base alerts on how data is updated (e.g. if the data stream is updated weekly, set up weekly alerts, monthly alerts, or for when data changes, NOT daily).
  • Base alerts on your analytical goals (e.g. in time for a monthly leadership report (monthly cadence), or in time for a daily report to management (daily cadence)).

4. Set appropriate alert response based on the conditions prompting the alert.


Let’s imagine I’ve set up Listen Action alerts to notify me any time there’s a breach of compliance based on an increase in the “number of records” for a given taxonomy label. To get the maximum value out of the Listen Actions feature, the alert should:

  • Be sent to the appropriate email accounts
  • Provide a description of what the label is and what it represents
  • Provide a description of who has broken compliance. NOTE: This may require further investigation within the dashboard.


1. Start by clicking the bottom bell button and plus button to start a Listen Action.

2. Select a numeric dimension to track (for this example review star ratings)

3. Select an aggregation method and logic for your alert (for this example average rating that increase by more than 0.1)

4. Select your alert frequency and continue.

5. Input the recipients and the message for the alert.

6. Check the your settings and submit your listen action.

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