In order to simplify the process of editing or expanding a taxonomy, our latest update allows you to preview your results from the taxonomy editor without having to reprocess in your dashboard. This update saves times for the user and allows for the user to get the best possible results from your taxonomy.

Once you edit your taxonomy you will run a draft version of your updated topic rules to reveal a preview of changes to your results including how many new verbatims were added or removed from the results, along with examples of those verbatims.

The new taxonomy editing results preview, combined with AI enablement and debugging, gives our users enhanced efficiency in taxonomy editing with less time being spent comparing versions of taxonomy and more time being spent uncovering stories on your data.

How To Guide

1. From the models page open the taxonomy editor for the taxonomy you are working with and make any changes. You can identify any labels that have been edited with the yellow M next to the label.

2. When you are ready to preview the results of your edits, click preview results in the top right corner, select the data stream that you wish to preview with and map the appropriate text field then click submit.

3. The results preview will populate to the right of the taxonomy editor and show you the changes in number of results as well as examples of the records that are being labeled.

4. You can change your sample size or change your data stream as necessary. You can also continue editing your taxonomy and see the results preview update accordingly. When you are done with editing your taxonomy click save. You will be prompted to reprocess any models that have been run with this taxonomy previously.

Want to Learn more?

We recommend checking out how to Create a Taxonomy and how to work with Taxonomy Logic.

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