We recently introduced an updated user interface (UI) for the Stratifyd Platform. Our updates fall into three main categories: improving ease of use, creating efficient workflows, and providing more in-platform guidance to help set you up for success. Below, we'll share the highlights.

If you'd like a full walk-through of the new platform, visit Stratifyd University!

Ease of Use Enhancements

Widget Editor - The widget editor was updated in multiple ways. Notably, the way to access the widget editor has been moved outside of the individual widget menu to a one-click selection (edit button). In the widget editor, you’ll notice more spacing, pre-populated fields, a streamlined way to change the title, and a single tab right panel.

Stratifyd widget editor filters
Stratifyd widget visualization options

Field Selector - The field selector portion of the widget editor underwent the most significant changes. We made the selector larger to make scrolling easier. Now, you can select the data stream on the left panel and then have a wide view of all fields categorized by text fields, numeric fields, date, and other. This will allow you to select the data fields you need faster than ever.

Search Bar – We know you have specific topics, phrases, or words in your data that you care about. The search bar at the top middle of the workspace is designed to search key phrases across all text fields and filter to those specific records. This makes it easier to drill down to an insight without doing a specific filter for each text field.

Stratifyd search bar example for data science

Workflow Enhancements

We strive for efficiency. After researching common workflows, we built new frameworks to better support those of you who navigate to many workspaces, streams, or models often.

Filtering options - Quick filters for dates were added at the top of the workspace to the right of the search bar, global filter access at the top of the workspace to the left of the search bar, one-click story filter in the search bar menu, and individual one-click widget filters. These options provide a more central location for the filters to live and improves speed to insights.

workspace filtering options in the new Stratifyd user interface

Refined Design– With just a left panel for platform navigation and a header section for navigation, you have more space to create widgets. These concise navigation options allow you to get to your destination quickly.


With so many predictive and categorical model options, we thought adding a little more context about when to choose one over the other might help.

New Model Descriptions – No need to memorize: you can now rely on the model descriptions to explain the intent behind each model and its output. We think this will help you onboard new team members faster and make better model selection choices.

machine learning models available on the Stratifyd platform
machine learning model selection in Stratifyd UI

We can't wait to hear what you think of these recent changes!

Any questions?

We're here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance via chat or submit a ticket!

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