Our team has been hard at work making the Stratifyd platform better than ever: adding features that enhance your ability to work with your data and find even more insights. With easier manipulation of your data streams, new and enhanced visualizations, greater at-a-glance context, and faster paths to insights, your data will be more powerful than ever and put you on a fast path to the hidden stories within your data

July 2021

New Features

  • Custom Fields - You can use custom fields to create additional fields at the record level to clean data, modify data format (like the date format), perform simple math, and more.

  • Aggregated Calculations - No more manually calculating average or weighted scores! We'll do it for you to make measuring your KPIs easier than ever.

  • Conditional Widgets - Thumbs up! Set custom thresholds to display a 👍 or 👎 symbol (or arrows) so you can quickly see how you're tracking against your metrics.


  • Table Widgets - Now you can easily find and recognize insight patterns or trends. Conditional color formatting, renaming columns, and build summary rows. Track changes at a glance!

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