What are Aggregated Calculations?

Aggregated Calculations are a new, more dynamic approach to own your data by building and tracking critical KPIs. Aggregated Calculations allow you to perform dynamic calculations on your data within table widget on a dashboard. This functionality addresses key calculation needs such as: performing calculations on aggregated data, calculating averages of averages, addressing weighted scoring proportions, and creating ratios.

Aggregated Calculations can currently be performed dynamically within the table widget. Within a widget, aggregations/calculations can be performed on original aggregations present in the table. Widgets that contain calculated aggregations react dynamically to dashboard filters like existing widgets today. Once you create and save an aggregated calculation, it will be saved and applied to your associated workspaces.

Who can use Aggregated Calculations?

This feature is available for all admin and power users on the new Stratifyd UI.

When should I use Aggregated Calculations?

If you have more advanced analytic needs, for example performing averages of averages, weighted scoring proportions, ratios or other calculations, these dynamic calculated aggregations will help streamline the process by ensuring you can calculate these within the dashboard. Many clients have unique KPI or aggregation needs, such as:

Sample Use Cases

  • Creating a weighted scoring proportion – ie. Weighting NPS based upon key segments such as loyalty/non-loyalty members, demographic criteria, etc.

  • Building ratios with the table

  • Building ratios – looking for period to period spikes in taxonomy categories to detect emerging categories.

  • Reporting a key metric as a percentage of total interactions, instead of raw number of interactions. This is helpful when fluctuations in volume are present.

    • Support ticket total volume decreased significantly, but overall number of calls requiring an escalation increased slightly. This topic now represents a much greater percentage of overall calls than previous months. Track this percentage over time to better understand customer pain points.

How do I use Aggregated Calculations?

  1. From your Stratifyd Workspace, click +Add Widget.

  2. In the widget editor, add your fields and dimensions.

  3. Apply the field filters as needed.

  4. Edit custom values by clicking on the dropdown menu in the "custom" field.

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  5. In the modal that appears, enter the formula you would like Stratifyd to calculate and save it. We support addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and remainder calculations ( +, -, *, /, % ).

  6. Name your calculation and hit Submit to save it. This widget will now be applied to all associated workspaces.

Stratifyd Tip: If you anticipate using an aggregated calculation frequently, save the workspace as a template so you can reuse it easily!

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